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KeyMan Insurance

Most companies employ at least one person who represents the key to the success of the business (often the owner of the company). The loss or death of that person could deal a real blow to the company and its ability to generate revenues to survive – someone else must be hired to carry on the same tasks performed earlier, and that expense, in addition to the loss of revenue, must be reconciled. Many owners therefore insist on buying life insurance to minimize the risk.

The key person must agree to the purchase of insurance on his/her life. The business typically owns the policy, pays the premiums and remains the beneficiary. The policy can be transferred to the employee if he/she leaves the company.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits play an increasingly important role in the lives of employees and their families, and have a significant financial and administrative impact on your business. Most companies operate in an environment in which an educated work force has come to expect a comprehensive benefits program. Indeed, the absence of a program or an inadequate program can seriously hinder a company's ability to attract and keep good personnel. You need to be aware of these issues and be ready to make informed decisions when selecting employee benefits options for your team. Our benefits specialists help you to develop an employee benefits strategy, which includes medical, life, accidental and disability, critical illness and pension plans. We also assist with the areas of design, administration and communication.

Buy and Sell

The owner of a company wants to ensure a smooth transition and protect the family's interests in the event of death. While there are many strategies available, a buy-sell agreement among partners/shareholders and/or employees can help accomplish this goal.

The buy-sell agreement is a contract that obligates, upon the death or disability, of the owner, that the deceased executive’s estate sell, and the remaining partners/shareholders purchase the business interest of the company . The heirs don’t have to worry about running the business, they receive a fair price for the sale, and they avoid many of the delays associated with LEGAL ACTIONS. The surviving owners don’t have to worry about interference from possibly unwanted partners (heirs), they know the purchase price beforehand, and they remain in good standing with clients and lenders