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Life Insurance

The core benefit of life insurance is that the financial interests of one's family remain protected from circumstances such as the policyholder. Purchasing a life insurance policy is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Your family may depend on your income for support. Your business may depend on you for your knowledge and skills. Life insurance offers significant protection for your family and your business. We offer the most competitive quotes from the leading life insurance companies in South Africa with solid financial backgrounds.

Critical Illness

Critical illness is not something we'd like to face at any point in our lives. Because the risk of getting ill can never be eliminated completely, it's important that we take precautions so that you're able to make the financial choices required to make a difference when needed most. Securing the right insurance now while you're healthy is one way to cover some of the unexpected expenses that could arise as a result of a critical illness.

 Life-and-death situations are not the only things that policyholders should consider. Critical illness insurance pays out a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness, providing you with a financial lifeline when you most need it. It’s a fact, 1 in 4 people between the ages of 30 and 60 will suffer from a critical illness and more than 1 in 3 people will develop a form of cancer during their life time, It’s not a nice fact but none the less it’s true .A critical illness cover is designed to help you survive such an event by relieving the financial pressure.

Disability Cover

One of your most important assets is your ability to generate income for your family or your business. While life insurance can help protect that asset in the event of death, how will you protect that asset in the event of a partial or total disability? Disability insurance can replace a significant portion of your lost income if you become disabled. There are many factors to consider when shopping for disability insurance, so we help you understand how the benefits are structured. We offer the most comprehensive disability benefits in the industry

Income Protector

Ideally everyone establishes income protection, as it is your key asset. The variables are the waiting period and benefit period. The waiting period should be extended to as long as possible to match with your financial position, such as sick, leave. Income protection should not be viewed as protection for short term illness. It should be viewed as providing cover for an extended inability to work. Income protection insurance pays a monthly tax free benefit if you are unable to work due to illness, injury or disability until you recover or the policy expires, which ever the sooner. The benefit can be set to rise with inflation.

Estate Planning

Individuals and families with a high net worth may be subject to a large tax on their estate upon death if the estate exceeds a certain rand value, significantly reducing the size of the estate left to your heirs. We will review your personal situation to help determine your potential liabilities and show you how to minimize your tax liability through the use of a estate planning processes. Wills and trusts can also be used to avoid time-consuming and expensive LEGAL ARGUMENTS, protect your assets from the claims of creditors, and distribute your assets as you see fit. An estate consists of all of the assets and liabilities owned by an individual. Upon death, the distribution of that property can be more readily defined by the terms of a will or trust. The proper planning of that process can have substantial impact on the amount to be paid in taxes prior to . The amount owed to the government is known as the estate tax/duty.

Medical Aid

As medical technology improves, the cost of long term healthcare has continued to rise quickly, outpacing average inflation. The cost of care can be paid from your own assets, by your children, through government programs, or by shifting the risk to an insurance company. Find out how to reduce your risk and protect your assets with the help of long term care insurance.


Retirement funding and planning is often neglected, but this is just as important as the rest of your portfolio, to ensure a care free affordable life after retirement, We will assist you with a total solution in terms of planning, we offer a full retirement planning process where all factors will be taken into consideration like affordability, term, and income needs at retirement. We will ensure that all tax implications both now and at retirement will be utilized to your benefit.